Meet Pit Master Blatch

Pit Master Blatch's passion is bringing edible joy into your life. Despite making poor life decisions and ending up in finance, he is correcting his ways and turning up the heat! Blatch has been grilling and cooking since before he was 7 years old and hasn't stopped since. Initially, Blatch's Backyard BBQ was just that, him smoking up delicious food for family and friends. Realizing that plant based friends were resigned to very limited options when eating BBQ, he set out to ensure they were in on the party and has created SLC's first primarily Vegan BBQ, but don't worry if you have a split household, he always has an few options for your carnivore friends.

All of his sauces and rubs are homemade, from scratch, frequently using organic produce from his own home garden. He loves to mix up the flavors and is always trying new things. His in-house made seitan took him months to perfect and he loves to see people's reaction after their first taste.