Meet Blatch, the Vegan Pitmaster of Salt Lake City 

So, Vegan BBQ? How’d I end up here? BBQ is an American tradition and over the years I realized they sucked for plant based individuals and lacked inclusivity. So, I set out to change this. I started showing up to BBQs with my hand-crafted veggie proteins, not just simple tofu or mushrooms as you’d expect but true mad-scientist creations. Take, for instance, my labor of love, the from-scratch Vegan Brisket. The journey to perfecting this recipe took me through a whopping 50 iterations, each one better than the last.

Once I started showing up with my Vegan BBQ (or VBQ), it would disappear before the traditional options and my friends started calling me “selfish” for only sharing it with them. Early on due to the implications of COVID on the restaurant industry, Utah passed a regulation that allows home chefs to sell their offerings assuming they get all the proper licenses, certifications, and inspections. Initially, I thought this would be a small side hustle. I never imagined I’d be converting my 1800s home into a thriving VBQ take-out restaurant.

I'm an unapologetic connoisseur of flavors, always eager to craft dishes that break new ground. Every Wednesday, I unveil chef specials and limited-edition items that promise a tantalizing dining experience. Picture Coconut Crusted Seitan, Nashville Hot ChickenLESS Sandos, Loaded Mac and CheeZe, and my best-selling Vegan Rueben. My culinary adventures don't stop there – I also delve into the world of house-fermented hot sauces, pickles, and purple kraut, along with 40-day smoked salt, cocktail citrus, a comprehensive range of condiments, garlic confit, candied jalapeños, and an array of exquisite spice blends. Rest assured, I'm always on the move, creating and innovating.

In the year 2023, it's crystal clear that maintaining a meat-centric diet is neither sustainable nor cruelty-free. Given the grim conditions of mass meat farms and the undeniable health benefits of embracing a more plant-based lifestyle, it's a no-brainer. BBQ is an integral part of American culture, and if I can make it more sustainable, healthier, and more flavorful while reshaping the very essence of the genre, count me in – because we're already making it happen! 

We're out here killin' it, with out killing anything.