Vegan and Classic BBQ, 186 I Street, SLC, UT Friday 2-7PM

Drop-In Pick-Up Fridays from 2:00-7:00 PM

No Pre-Order Required

186 I Street, SLC, UT

Pre-Order Pick-Up is also available

this is to secure specific items and quantities

Text your full name and order to (385) 210-5029

up to 5:00 PM on Thursday

Delivery is available through GoErrand

Let me know you want to add delivery to your Pre-Order and I’ll send you the pricing

While a permit has been issued by the local health department, the kitchen may not meet all the requirements of a commercial retail food establishment. This location is permitted under modified FDA requirements.

Yes that's VEGAN!!!!

Vegan & Classic BBQ: Pre-Orders accepted through Thursday or until sold out, place orders early as I often sell out.

To Order: Text 385-210-5029 your full name, desired order, and when you anticipate to pick-up your food on Friday 2 – 7 PM.

Pictured below, everything is vegan except the last two pictures Beef & Chicken.

See what the critics are saying.

"One more to add to the ever growing pile of homespun operators – this one for vegans bemoaning the lack of BBQ options beyond a cucumber salad and a pat on the head. Blatch’s offers pickup on Fridays 3-6.00 p.m. with pre-ordering accepted through the week until Thursday late afternoon.

In case you’re concerned Blatch doesn’t have the chops – he also cooks up a decent looking range of carnivoristic options too – brisket, pork, burnt ends and more." - GastronomicSLC

"Blatch’s Backyard BBQ is exactly what it sounds like: Christopher Blatchford makes barbeque in the backyard of his little blue house on the corner of I Street and 4th Avenue. Not only does he smoke everything in his backyard, the veggies he uses in his sides and barbeque sauce come from his own garden. The menu is small, but everything is delicious and Blatchford pays attention to every detail, including an entire vegan menu and a slew of homemade sauces. But back to the meat: the Beef Brisket is fatty, tender, and melts in your mouth while the Pork Belly Burnt ends are simultaneously crunchy and fall apart. Make a sandwich with the rolls or pair your meat with the Cuban inspired black beans, but you really can’t go wrong at Blatch’s– one of the best restaurants in the avenues and some of the best barbecue in Salt Lake City. Note: Text Blatchford by 5 PM on Thursday for pickup on Friday between 3 and 6. " -Female Foodie


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Vegan barbecue that will make your meat-eating friends beg for a sample. Everything I've tried from Blatch's is delicious, but the seitan "brisket" is especially genius and the homemade sauces take it over the top. There's a reason why he routinely sells out! - Allie M.

Fantastic meat and non-meat options! Everything we've tried has been so flavorful and I can't begin to express how much I love the smoky rolls. We will continue to order often and tell everyone we know about it! - Christie W.

We loved the beans and the coleslaw and jackfruit the most! Chris is amazing at what he does and one can really feel his passion in this and it’s what makes his food so unique!
-Anton K.

Outstanding!! We are from the heart of BBQ land in Austin Texas!!! And this was exceptional! We tried all the core meats and loved all of them! Recommend the honey sriracha pulled pork and the blueberry burnt ends. Wish he’d come to Austin! Excellent serve and very nice to boot! Best in Utah by far!! - David W

Blatch's Backyard BBQ is great! My wife and I tried the jackfruit with raspberry and BBQ sauces, black beans, and wood fired rolls. It was all better than expected and the portion sizes were great for the price. It's usually hard to find vegan BBQ at all, let alone this good! We can't wait to get it again.
- Braden L.

Delicious local homemade vegan bbq, best seitan brisket I’ve ever had. It was all fantastic! Can’t wait to order again, his homemade sauce is to die for.
-Annie C.